Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Claus

I've been following the 12 Tags of Christmas on Tim Holtz's blog. This is the plaid background made with alcohol ink. I forget which day it was now. If you want to learn great techniques for cards, etc. then Tim is the person to check out this time of year.

What else? Just prepping for Xmas. Taylor is excited this year. Keeps asking me if it's Christmas Eve. All she wants is a Piglet doll so Santa shall deliver.

I'll leave you with a photo from her Halloween party since I haven't posted in forever. She is doing so well in school. Paying attention, going potty, focusing, participating----we are MOST PROUD! Had her dressed in the cutest Halloween shirt but she insisted on taking it off. :)

btw--just had 8 inches cut off her hair. She looks darling but SO much older! eek.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yes, I am alive! .... & Memory Box contest

It's been forever since I updated this poor blog. Just too darn busy to create AND post. Seems like I have to choose between one or another. Need more hours in the day.

I did create this layout for the current Memory Box contest. I love their products. The tree stamp around the edges is Memory Box and the mushroom stamp is Poppystamps. I colored in the tree with Copic markers. I also used Memory Box papers from the Twilight and Spiceberry collections.
Yep, that's me at the top. I think we look alike, don't you? My color choices were to play off the colors of the 70's. We've come a long way! lol.
Happy Halloween and fall season to you all!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here comes Petey Cottontail!

Well, here's my newest craftiness--needle felting. He started as a pile of wool roving. Needle crafting is so fun! Not only is it fun to create these creatures but the startup costs are minimal. This is a WHOLE lot cheaper than scrapbooking/stamping. Thanks Michele and Tina for getting me started! He isn't my first little creature. I'll share those later. I just finished him tonight so I thought I'd share. Basically you take different colored wool and poke it with a barbed needle until you get the shape you envisioned. It's a little tough on the fingers. I have some small wounds. lol. He is mint green. Once again the only time I get to take photos is after dark. :( The first photo looks more accurate as far as color goes. He originally had loppy ears that hung down but it didn't look quite right so I ripped them off and reattached. It's forgiving too. I love this needle felting thing.

T and I hit the park today. She had a blast! It was like being let out of prison after this winter we've been having. I am just dying for spring to get here.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy pre-Valentines Day and sorry for the neglect

Geez, it's been forever. It's been so stinky with all this cold weather and snow I just don't feel like typing here but I'll share a Valentine.

Stamps are Character Constructions. I just kept adding hearts to the sleeves. Reminds me of the puffy shirt episode of Seinfeld. Used tons of Stickles so it has a lot of sparkle that doesn't show on the scan.
I've learned a new craft--needle felting! It's really fun. Basically it's sculpting little characters from wool with a barbed needle. I'll share some things eventually.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Secret Sister '08

I am a member of a private google group made up of rubber stampers, scrapbookers, etc. Seems like we dabble in quite a bit of craftiness---anything from beading to knitting to needle felting. We've been a group since before my daughter was born so it's been a few years. Anyway, each year we do a secret sister swap type thing at Xmas time. You can sign up if ya want. If not, no biggie. My SS this year was Michele. She was good to me to say the least. She's also been a great friend over the years even though we've never met in person.

One of the requirements for the swap is to send at least one handmade item. LOOK at this snowman Michele made! It's needle felted. That means it started out as a big ball of wool! I gotta learn how to do this!

And here he is on one of our trees. Notice no other snowmen around him. He is the king of that section. I just love him. Her needle felting is superb. Notice Taylor's popsicle stick ornament from last year. lol. She did the gluing of the foamies. :)
And here's my loot! Yep, she spoiled me. Thanks Michele. You're one of a kind.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Festival of Lights- part 2

Here's my final display of lights. Merry Xmas to all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oglebay Festival of Lights Part 1

I am posting this for out-of-towners. Pictures really don't do these lights justice as they are pretty darn big. You can't tell from the photos. Anyone who lives near this area knows alllll about the lights. They are gorgeous BUT the traffic they create can cripple a little section of town for quite a while. I just thought people that live in other states might appreciate this little section of Wheeling, WV. I think because I've lived locally all my life I can't appreciate fully the beauty of them. They are pretty but they come around every year. Taylor did enjoy them especially when we drove through the tunnels of lights.
So here's your tour--part 1. I didn't get every conglomeration due to freezing temperatures and cars behind me. There's nothing worse than waiting and waiting to get through these lights with Granny Moohoo taking her camera out every 5 seconds so these were pretty much taken on the run. Some were taken through the windshield.
I started with what is probably my favorite. Cinderella. I love this one. Then we have some clowns. Moving on down we have a dinosaur extravaganza.

Taylor's favorite---tandy tanes.

A blurry nutcracker. Sorry.

Isn't this a gorgeous lamppost? They are all lined up along one section of the road.

A red bird feeding her young.

This one is more impressive IRL. I only caught part of it.

Stay tuned. I'll post the rest tonight.