Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here comes Petey Cottontail!

Well, here's my newest craftiness--needle felting. He started as a pile of wool roving. Needle crafting is so fun! Not only is it fun to create these creatures but the startup costs are minimal. This is a WHOLE lot cheaper than scrapbooking/stamping. Thanks Michele and Tina for getting me started! He isn't my first little creature. I'll share those later. I just finished him tonight so I thought I'd share. Basically you take different colored wool and poke it with a barbed needle until you get the shape you envisioned. It's a little tough on the fingers. I have some small wounds. lol. He is mint green. Once again the only time I get to take photos is after dark. :( The first photo looks more accurate as far as color goes. He originally had loppy ears that hung down but it didn't look quite right so I ripped them off and reattached. It's forgiving too. I love this needle felting thing.

T and I hit the park today. She had a blast! It was like being let out of prison after this winter we've been having. I am just dying for spring to get here.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy pre-Valentines Day and sorry for the neglect

Geez, it's been forever. It's been so stinky with all this cold weather and snow I just don't feel like typing here but I'll share a Valentine.

Stamps are Character Constructions. I just kept adding hearts to the sleeves. Reminds me of the puffy shirt episode of Seinfeld. Used tons of Stickles so it has a lot of sparkle that doesn't show on the scan.
I've learned a new craft--needle felting! It's really fun. Basically it's sculpting little characters from wool with a barbed needle. I'll share some things eventually.