Sunday, September 21, 2008

first Halloween card

First Halloween card of the season. I love creating cards for this holiday for some reason. I don't always get them in the mail but I love putting them together. Stamp is Purple Onion Designs and owl sticker is Martha Stewart (I got a deal. I refuse to pay $6 for 2 sheets of her stickers- ridiculous). Eyes are colored in with Acid Yellow Copic marker.
Taylor has not been doing that great in preschool. We made the decision to take her out for now and put her in the 2 year old program. There are some 3 year olds that are in there for potty training and separation anxiety issues so it's not like she won't get contact with kids her age. Problem is it only meets once/week. I'll have to put her back in music and Little Gym for socialization. We were getting better socially and now she doesn't want ANYTHING to do with kids. Oh well, this too shall pass. She also has extreme separation anxiety. My husband and I are going on a vacation next week (good luck Mom) and we'll have some decisions to make once we get back and lots of red tape to think about.
Parenting is the hardest job. You have a tendency to beat yourself up over certain decisions, etc. Best you can do is just roll with it and do your best and not give a shit what society thinks. Rules and expectations are so overrated. We are going to live our lives exactly the way we see fit. I'm happier already just thinking about it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Spy Pinecones!

These are horrible pictures but I don't have time to mess around taking them again. Thought I'd share them anyway. Stamps are Purple Onion Designs, pp is Pink Paislee, and glitter letters are American Crafts. The magnifying glass and butterfly are Tattered Angels glimmer chips. TFL.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

10 chinups

Another cute video. Taylor loves Sesame Street. There's an episode where Chris is trying to obtain employment on Sesame Street. One of his interviews is with the Count who needs someone to "count" on---literally. Taylor is mocking Chris doing chinups. See the Count wants Chris to do exercises so he can count the reps. Well, Chris decides this job would just be too exhausting after the Count asks him to run 37 miles.

Tons of cuteness here.

Monday, September 08, 2008


We are off school today sick. Big bummer. I was hoping to get our first full week in to see if T would relax a little. The preschool is letting me stay because Taylor has had some anxiety. In other words she screamed so loud the first day I could hear her across the school and she wouldn't calm down. lol. :) They called me after 15 minutes and had me come back and stay.

Well, all that said here's what we learned (both of us). We can count to 5 in Japanese! I have another cute video for you next time.