Friday, March 30, 2007

Let's talk doggas!

In honor of Miss Suzy Scrapbooker's pet day I'm gonna share a little dog talk with you. I'm sure my friend Kris will like this one also.

We've had beagles around since I can remember. They are the most gentle dogs with such caring personalities. Macy is just a dream with Taylor. So patient and tolerant. Taylor jingles her tags A LOT and not so easy. She chases her around all day. The dog never offers to get snippy. She's just amazing--a big part of the family. This layout isn't about fancy smancy scrapbooking. It's about all the great beagles that have been part of our lives. It's been an honor.

Yes, that's me in the top left pic. Nice hair. lol.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Recent layouts

In an effort to catch up on Taylor's scrapbook I've been MIA for quite some time. Hopefully some of you still check in. Here's what I've been working on. Quick scrapbooking is the way for me. I have such fun doing this. Take a peek!

Crusade No. 6

Well, I'm finally completing a crusade. I've been following Green Pepper Press Street Team crusades for a while now but the deadline always comes and goes. Finally--I'm back!

The crusade is all about collections. What do I collect? WEll, besides stamping/scrapping supplies it has to be makeup. It's a recent addiction. In my defense my friend has given me most of this stuff. She's a true addict. lol. Lovin the Bare Escentuals line these days. Taylor is taking a good solid afternoon nap so that equals shower and prep time for me. A little gob and goop here and there does miracles for the self-esteem!

Happy Spring everyone.